Upcoming and Current Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions

  • Shorebird Shadows

    A long exposure on the beach catches the 'shadows' of some shorebirds as they pause briefly while hunting in the surf.

  • Tail Flick

    This Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher shows off its tail on a bush full of gnats for it to eat.

Location: John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, CA

Series: Community Focus Space

Solo Show: Nature Takes Flight in OC

  • Curious Bushtit

    This juvenile Bushtit looks curiously into the lens as the shutter clicks.

  • Egret Landing

    This Snowy Egret caused quite a splash on landing in the lake, ripples from all the water droplets spread out around it. The calm water along the top provides contrast to the busy water below.

  • Father's Day Geese

    This adorable Goose and Gosling were spotted coming down the path towards me on Father's Day. It's hard to tell the genders apart on Geese, but I like to think this was a Father's Day walk for the pair.

Location: Black Box Gallery in Portland, OR

Show: Color Burst: A Picture Show

  • Diner Table

    A classic diner table with strong symmetry and bold colors emphasizes the slight imperfections of the life these objects have lived.

Location: Black Box Gallery in Portland, OR

Show: Vision: Shadow and Light

  • Evening at a Mountain Lake

    Sunset fades into blue hour at the Mt. Whitney Trail Camp as the stillness in the air starts to translate into stillness of the campers.

Location: Black Box Gallery in Portland, OR

Show: Poetics of Light

  • Dry Lake City Glow

    A long exposure of the night sky captures the motion of the stars and the stillness of the trees, back-lit by light pollution from Los Angeles.

Location: 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles

Show: Splash!

  • Watching for Waves

    A learning California surfer waits somewhat impatiently for a wave to come on a particularly bad day for waves.

  • Drop of Rain

    A single drop of rain is suspended by a thread of spider silk in the Hawaiian rainforest as a second drop of rain streaks directly towards the subject in the otherwise smooth background.

Location: 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles


  • Crab Spider

    A Crab Spider lays in wait, the spray from a nearby waterfall collecting all around.

Location: Darkroom Gallery in Essex Jct. Vermont

Show: Personal Perspective

  • In the Shadow of Stars

    Late at night staring up to the stars above my campsite, I leaned back, propped the camera on some rocks, and took a photo from my calm, cold viewpoint.

  • Cloud Layers

    Looking out over a valley with the wind whipping the clouds towards the camera, I was taken by the layers of clouds sandwiching my view.

Location: 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles

Show: Blurry

  • Ripple of Light

    The reflection of a streetlight in a puddle during a windy storm presented some very nice rippling reflections.

Location: 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles, CA

Show: I'LL BE YOUR MIRROR: Portrait Photography

  • The Stare

    Dramatic lighting and black-on-black composition gives the intense expression your full attention.

  • From Light Into Darkness

    The face is kept so bright that it seems to glow against the flat blackness of the background. Her hair and shoulder provide just a small shim of depth in the otherwise sharp transition.

Location: Black Box Gallery in Portland, OR

Show: Color: Photography Now

  • Cloudy Pier

    The pre-dawn blue light provides a near-monochromatic backlight to a pier near Santa Barbara, CA.

Location: 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles, CA

Show: IN THE ZONE B&W Photography Exhibition

  • Portrait of an Egret

    The sunset catches the head of this egret as the rest of the scene fell into shadow.

Location: 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles, CA

Show: Trees

  • Wet Moss

    The evening sun casts a golden glistening effect on the wet moss along a trail in Olympia, WA.

Location: 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles, CA

Show: ABSTRACTS: The Alternative Eye

Awards: 3rd Place - Best of Show

  • Lines and Shadow

    Shapes and shadows drive this composition, with a subtle texture of a folded piece of bond paper.

Location: 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles, CA

Show: Flower Power 2016

  • The Color of Spring

    Fresh colorful flowers with buds and freshly opened petals celebrate the spring season.

  • Exploring Death Valley

    A family wades through the 2016 "superbloom" of Desert Gold wildflowers in the normally barren Badwater region of Death Valley National Park. Framed print available on Etsy! https://www.etsy.com/listing/507320403/exploring-death-valley

Location: 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles, CA

Show: I'll Fly Away: The Nature of Birds

  • Yellow, Purple, Green

    A bright Yellow Warbler sits in the middle of a Purple Sage bush, eating some bugs hiding in the sage flowers, paused for a moment to pose against the green trees forming a backdrop.

Location: 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles, CA

Show: What's New, Pussycat?

Awards: 1st Place - Best of Show for "Experimental"

  • Experimental

    Caught with his shadow perfectly behind him, with post-processing inspired by the high contrast and sharp style of Daidō Moriyama.

  • Sunbeam

    The slight reflection off of a cool tile floor helps enhance the contrast of the happy cat in a warm sunbeam.

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